The Ranchos Cycling Team was founded in 1988 to promote cycling and an active Southern California lifestyle. We meet every Saturday, 8:00 a.m., at the Westfield mall, in Escondido. Look for a small parking lot, adjacent to Via Rancho Parkway. JC Penny is the nearest department store and the lot is across the street from a driving range. This lot is located close to the Sunset St. mall entrance.

In the fall of 2013 we started a spin-off Saturday ride. The KGB ride stands for Kinder Gentler B ride. KGB departs 15 minutes early at 7:45. The purpose of this ride is for people who may be new to riding or coming off of injuries to do the same ride, but at a slower pace.

For over 25 years we have been riding, racing and performing community services. We are based in northern San Diego County with team members living and riding in Southern California and the West Coast. Our club represents people from diverse backgrounds with a mix of interests. Many of our members strive for a green and healthy lifestyle and therefore choose bicycles over motorized vehicles whenever possible.

The Ranchos have racers competing in many cycling related events around the country. From time trials, criteriums, cyclocross, track, stage races, cross-country mountain biking, triathlons (and Iron Man) to solo endurance races, Ranchos participate in all of these events.

Currently we are promoting two races a year. The San Marcos Criterium which is held at UC San Marcos the last Sunday in July and the Spyclocross race in November, at San Dieguito Park, Lake Hodges. All club members are required to volunteer a minimum of three hours at least, at one of these events.

We do not have the most members of all cycling clubs in San Diego, nor do we win the most races or accumulate the largest Saturday morning coffee shop crowd. We are a humble, diverse group of bicycle enthusiasts who see ourselves as good ambassadors for everything cycling related.

If you want to ride with a group that is safe yet fast, serious but helps with mechanicals, willing to volunteer for Rancho and community-related events and just all around fun, then come out and ride with the Ranchos!

If you are interested in Ranchos Cycling, you are welcome to join us for a trial ride. If you enjoy your experience then please join by going to the Membership page.


 Ranchos Cycling’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, support the communities we live in and promote the products and services of our sponsors through participation in competitive and recreational cycling events as well as charity events.