Ranchos Cycling Team

The Ranchos Cycling Team was founded in 1988 to promote cycling and an active Southern California lifestyle. For over 25 years we have been riding, racing and performing community services, mainly in North County of San Diego. 

Our members strive for a green and healthy lifestyle and therefore many of us choose bicycles over motorized vehicles whenever possible.

Happy New Year!

Next Ranchos Annual Membership Meeting – Wednesday February 21, 5-7pm

Members: Check your email for details!

Upcoming Saturday Ride Schedule:

January 20th: Fallbrook Loop Reversed (Route #10)

January 27th: A Little Bit O’ Dirt (Route #31)

February 3rd: Couser Canyon Loop (Route #5)

February 10th: Up Scripps/Mussey Grade (Route #23)

February 17th: Wilt your legs (Route #21)